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During these trying times we know everyone could use a little help, and we at QuikSweepers Commercial Cleaning decided to lend a helping hand! To help do our part in keeping our fellow citizens safe, we are offering Free Sanitation Cleaning to select Businesses!


Is your business currently open, or will be re-opening soon? Fill out the form below and lets discuss what we could do for you!

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Our Disinfection Service Process


1: Use of Personal Protective Equipment as requested by CDC (Mask, Gloves, etc)


2. Use of disinfectant approved by EPA to be effective against the CO-VID 19 virus.


3.Use of a pump or manual sprayer to apply disinfectant.


Wipe all the important surfaces such as:  

-Phones, Keyboards, Mouse

-Light Switches


-Door Knobs and/or Handles

-Sink Faucets

-Restroom Dispensers

-Kitchen/Break Room Appliances

It's not enough to just PROVIDE a service. It must be done correctly! 

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